Child Care Training, Resources and Networking
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Child Care Training for Groups and Child Care Programs

Directors and Administrators-Here is an easy way to get professional development for your staff and save big! When you order for a group of three or more, we will offer you a huge discount of 40% off of your total order!

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Available Class List- Only classes on this page are eligble for the 40% discount.

To find out more information and enroll complete this form and we will contact you to answer any questions and place your order with this discount!:

  • AJL5- Infant and Toddler Care (4 clock hours/.4 ceus -$19.85)
  • DJL2-Recruiting Child Care Staff (4 clock hours/.4 ceus -$19.85)
  • DJL3- Potty Training in Child Care (1 clock hour/.1 ceu -$5.85)
  • EJL3- PreSchool Math (3 clock hours/.3 ceus -$15.85)
  • GJL1- Toddlers: Terrific or Terrible? (2 clock hours/.2 ceus -$9.85)
  • HJL2- Understanding and Responding to Biting (1 clock hour/.1 ceu -$5.85)
  • IJL1- Moving and Grooving: Motor Skills and Movement (2 clock hours/.2 ceus -$9.85)
  • JJL1- Principles of Child Development (2 clock hours/.2 ceus -$9.85)
  • JJL2- Theories of Child Development (2 clock hours/.2 ceus -$9.85)
  • KJL1- Gather 'Round for Circle Time (1 clock hour/.1 ceus -$5.85)
  • KJL3- Growing Young Gardeners (1 clock hour/.1 ceus -$5.85)
  • KJL4- Mentoring Methods (1 clock hour/.1 ceus -$5.85)
  • LJL1- While Children Play: Your Role (1 clock hour/.1 ceus -$5.85)
  • LJL2- Open the Door to Outdoor Fun and Learning (1 clock hour/.1 ceus -$5.85)
  • LJL3- ADHD: Understanding and Responding to ADHD in the Classroom (1 clock hour/.1 ceus -$5.85)
  • MJL1- Routines and Relationships (2 clock hours/.2 ceus -$9.85)
  • MJL2- Where Everyone is Welcome (1 clock hour/.1 ceus -$5.85)
  • MJL3- The Best Ideas on Staff Management (2 clock hours/.2 ceus -$9.85)
  • MJL4- The Amazing Newborn (1 clock hour/.1 ceus -$5.85)
  • MJL5- First Friends (1 clock hour/.1 ceus -$5.85)
  • MJL6- Cooking Up Some Fun (1 clock hour/.1 ceus -$5.85)
  • NEW* NJL1- Nuts About Nutrition(3 clock hours/.3 ceus -$15.85)
  • NEW* NJL2- Rest Time or Chaos Time? (2 clock hours/.2 ceus -$9.85)

  • *all prices are subject to change

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