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Moving from Crib to Bed

By Elizabeth Pantley, author of Gentle Baby Care

When your child moves from crib to bed itís a milestone in his life as well as yours. There is no precise time for making this move, though typically itís between the first and third birthday. The key to success is to be patient and allow your child time to adjust to the change.

Why move a child from crib to bed?

If a child sleeps well in his crib, donít rush the change. Switching to a bed gives a child freedom and brings new issues for parents, such as the yo-yo syndrome or early morning wanderings. The most common reasons to switch:

What kind of bed should my child move to?

There are a number of options for a childís first bed:

How do we make the change?

Which approach is best for you will depend on your reasons for making the change, your childís personality, and the size of his room. Here are a few options:

Patience and encouragement

No matter which path you choose - be patient. Big steps toward growth often happen in spurts, and your child may be excited to welcome the change one day, but wary of it the next. Maintain your nightly bedtime routine and help your child develop a positive association with his new bed, since heíll be sleeping there for many years to come.

This article is a copyrighted excerpt from The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers by Elizabeth Pantley (McGraw-Hill, 2005)

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