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Print-Rich Classroom Environment

If your classroom has all of these quality indicators that relate to literacy and developing pre-reading skills, and you are able to articulate what and how children learn from these things, you will be in a much better position to address parents who want their children to be bringing home daily worksheets. Many very well intentioned parents think that children are not learning if they are not doing worksheets, and do not understand that children learn best through hands-on, meaningful play experiences within a prepared environment.

Ultimately the children benefit the most from these developmentally appropriate practices. They are then able to learn these concepts in a way which is both meaningful and fun to them - instead of by rote or by being forced to sit and write a page full of'R's. Learning should be spontaneous and fun when you're 4!

Enhancing Classroom Literacy With a Print Rich Environment

A print-rich environment includes:

Skills Acquired in a Print-rich Environment

Childrean learn the following skills and concept in a print-rich environment and through books and the library area.