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Child Care Olympics

Celebrate the Olympic games with the children. It is easy to plan a special day or event that focuses on the spirit of unity and sportsmanship the games symbolize. With some creativity, planning a child care Olympic event is simple.

Hold Preschool Olympics

Opening Ceremonies

Let the Games Begin!

Awards and Closing Ceremonies

Everyone can be winner in these games!

Olympics Art Activities

Olympic Torches
Give children paper towel rolls, tissue paper or streamers (red, yellow, and orange), paint, and glue or tape. Let children use the materials to create their own torch.

Paint Olympic Rings
Have 5 paper plates with each color of paint in the Olympic rings (red, green, black, blue, and yellow). Have children dip the open end of a plastic cup into each color of pain paint, then print the paint ring on a piece of white paper in the same formation as the Olympic rings.

Tissue Paper Mural
Cut out 5 large cardboard rings. Have children glue appropriate colored tissue paper to each ring. When dry, interlock the rings and hang on the wall.

Olympics Math Activities

Olympic Torches
Make a bar graph of the countries that win gold medals to see which country wins the most. Each day during circle time, discuss the countries that won the night before.

Olympic Patterns
Give children M&M's in the color of the Olympic Rings. Sort and count by color, as well as finish patterns with our M&M Math Sheet.

Olympics Printables

Color by Number Olympic Rings
Olymic Games Coloring Page
Coloring Page: Olympic Torch