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Customer Service - A Partnership With Parents

by Cathy Abraham

"Customer Service is listening...and hearing...what parents say and don't say."

General Facts about Customer Service

Parents Evaluate Quality of Service on Several Factors:

Necessities in Customer Service - And to Have a Great Center

Customer Service Golden Rules

  1. Smile! A genuine, sincere smile goes a long way!
  2. Call people by name. This conveys a sincere interest in a person.
  3. Take an interest. Give parents and children individual and undivided attention. Follow up on things they tell or ask you.
  4. Be a good listener. If you listen you can learn a great deal about people. Listen to parents.
  5. Be Polite. "Please" and "Thank you" really convey a message of respect and set the tone.
  6. Empathize with people. Try to understand what they may be going through.
  7. Show respect. Be careful to not ignore, slight or judge parents.
  8. Recognize the role parents play. Parenting is a difficult job, a fact that often does not get acknowledged.
  9. Have a positive outlook. No one wants to be around someone who has a negative attitude.
  10. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.

Remember: Always greet and speak to parents every time you see them!!

Tell parents at least one positive thing per day about their child, or about something he/she enjoyed that day!

You can utilize the Customer Service Quiz for training purposes with your staff.