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Planning a Child Care Open House

by Cathy Abraham

An Open House is one of the best marketing tools available, and is a great way to showcase your center to perspective parents! The following are some tips and suggestions to assist you in hosting your most successful event ever of this type.

Planning and Preparation

  1. Discuss your plans, ideas, and potential dates for your Open House with your Area Manager and corporate marketing representative. They will be able to offer many ideas, resources and support. Keep them posted on your progress and any barriers you foresee.
  2. Put some thought into the date you select. If there are events that will be bringing people downtown, you may want to capitalize on that. Be aware of conflicting local events that may restrict participation as well.
  3. Inventory your supply of brochures, business cards, marketing materials, and enrollment paperwork.
  4. Obtain flyers and banner to promote your Open House from the corporate office.
  5. Distribute the flyer to as many businesses and companies in the area as possible.
  6. Call or mail information to previous inquiries &/or tours.
  7. Send flyers to the DHHS workers and offices that the center has professional relationships with.
  8. Consider inviting/collaborating with an agency that provides services to young children. Example: Having the Health Department there, doing children's immunizations will bring your target market in.
  9. Send out press releases to local papers.

Prep for During the Event


Some Questions to ask yourself...

You can utilize Cathy's Open House Signs if you wish. Good luck with your open house!