License our training curriculum

We can help you to conduct your own training using an established curriculum. You may license our  training curriculum content to provide professional development using your own trainer(s).  You can deliver the training material as is, or adapt it to your needs.

  • All content notes and suggested methods of presentation.

  • A PowerPoint

  • Master copy of all handouts or links to online content (if applicable).

  • A list of supplies needed (if applicable).

  • Tools for assessment

  • Certificate template

  • Training record template

  • Trainer’s booklet including tips, ideas for planning in-service events, and icebreaker games!

    20151030_133455 copy_pp (2)

  • Designer has an M.Ed. in adult education and curriculum design and development.We sought the input of other child care providers and professionals regarding the class topics and content.

    Meets standards for quality online training.

    Meets principles for adult learning.

    Meets the quality assurance/training approval standards for many states.

    We use a variety of content resources and media when developing the classes

    Let us know if you want more information

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