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Behavioral Analysis : Questions to Ask When Preschool Children Misbehave

When you are trying to manage the behavior of young children in a preschool classroom, you have two tasks. First you need to to determine the cause of the behavior. Then you need to look at how to respond to the child's behavior. It is worthwhile to look at specific behaviors in your preschool classroom. Be answering these questions about a specific behavior, you can begin to understand how to prevent and respond to these troublesome behaviors.


Where there certain children who were repeatedly involved? Who where they and why do you think this is?

Does the environment or room setup play a role in this behavior?

Is this behavior more common during a certain time of day or activity? Why?

What are other factors, if any, involved in the reasons this behavior occurs?

What is the impact of the teacherís reaction to the behavior?

What are some things that could be done to increase occurrence (if positive behavior) or decrease (if negative)?

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