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Smooth Transitions In Child Care

by Cathy Abraham

As you know, transition times are usually the most difficult and stressful parts of the day in child care. A group of children are being asked to shift from one activity to another, and move from one task to another in a relatively short period of time. This lends itself to much movement - and for some children - opportunity! Some children have a particularly difficult time and react to any kind of confusion, lack of structure &/or chaos. You should plan on transition times requiring all of your attention and focus - this would not be the appropriate time to gather the materials necessary for the next art or cooking project.

Smooth Transitions...

Here are some general thoughts on how to make transition times easier:

Ideas for Waiting Times

Remember to tie in your curriculum theme whenever possible to expand upon and enhance the children's learning experiences. Keep it fun and exciting and you'll eliminate many behavior problems.

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